The Moral Leader of Our Nation: Martin Luther King

When I started this blog (as oft-neglected as it may be), the first post was done on Martin Luther King’s birthday, his “I Have a Dream” speech. It is a speech that, year after year, I never tiring of listening to, that is always moving, and now as much as ever, completely relevant.

It’s seventeen minutes long, and worth every minute of our lives to listen to it again, on the day when we remember MLK, who devoted his life to freedom, righteousness, and equality.

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Sun in Capricorn


This week, Margaret Mahan, who is a 25 year student of Jyotisha, Vaastu and Ayurveda, has written a guest post for BKYC on the important solar transition that occurs this weekend, called Makara Sankranti. She travels throughout North America teaching and consulting for individuals, couples and businesses. When at her home in Lillooet, students visit her for intense individual study. She lives a quiet life, and is always sharing her fruit with bears and vegetables with deer. You can find out more information about her here:

Read it here

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Dave Chappelle on SNL

Dave Chappelle returns to SNL with a spot-on political commentary which is infused by his humor and intelligence. The last 2 minutes are particularly moving – watch till the end!

And in reference to his Portland, OR. comment at 2 minutes, there’s this…

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Even Minded in Success and Failure


At least 50% of our country put their hearts and votes behind something that a lot of people never expected: that Donald Trump could win the presidency. I, for one, was among those who completely got it wrong. But that’s ok – it’s not always about being right, it’s about trying to do what is right. For many, Hilary Clinton did not represent what their issues are about. We have to accept the electoral college count, and move on. When a team loses a football game, it’s not good sportsmanship to argue the score. But it is good sportsmanship to train like a motherfucker, pull the team back together, and fight harder for the next win.

So, what to do next? What will Trump be able, and not be able, to accomplish? The second week of December (date to be announced), we’ll be having an evening event at BKYC with some political activists who can help guide us on how to be proactive about the rights of our citizens, and the health of our land, that may need to be defended or supported. We should be proactive not just during the times of Trump, but during all times.

We’ll announce the dates and program in the next week or so – but for now, keep your eye on your calendar for December 10th-15th.

In the meantime, you can read this, if you like: link

And we can also remember this, from the Bhagavad Gita:

Having made your mind even in regards to pain and pleasure, gain and loss, conquest and defeat, engage in the battles that are righteous, unavoidable, and in defense of the wellbeing of all. You shall incur no stains upon your field of consciousness. II.38

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Louis C.K. Is All In For Hillary

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Bigly and Braggadocious


As Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton clashed at their first debate on Monday over which one has the “stamina” and “temperament” to be president, more than a few viewers turned to the internet to understand exactly what those words meant.

They turned to the website of Merriam-Webster, a dictionary founded in 1828 that now has a thoroughly modern social media presence. The dictionary is wry and sometimes outright snarky on Twitter, such as the time it told a Slate editor this month that “no one cares how you feel” (and got more than 18,000 retweets in the process.) read more here…

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Podcast with J. Brown; Pump Up the Yoga?

I had the pleasure of speaking with J. Brown last month for his weekly podcast on yoga and related topics. J is a super nice guy. His podcast, if you haven’t heard it, is thoroughly enjoyable, largely because of his sincerity, honesty, and unfiltered approach to examining his life and the world of yoga. He’s easy to talk to you, and about as good as a human being that you’ll meet.

Every time I listen to J’s podcast I can’t help remembering Christian Slater in the 1990’s movie “Pump Up the Volume”; Slater’s character, Mark, a high school student, sits alone in his basement bedroom with his pirate radio set up, smoking a cigarette, broadcasting his outsider views on life, school, and what’s wrong with the world. Mark voices the frustration and distress that his fellow students feel, and causes a revolution of sorts – inspiring his listeners to speak up against injustice and malaise, and giving them freedom of expression, to break the chains of the bondage that school, parents and society has on the voices of the young.

Anyway, I think J wants to shake things up a little by giving a voice to people who interest him who give an alternative view to the impressions that the popular media, and thereby the popular yoga culture, is propagating. He’s not sitting in a basement smoking cigarettes, but the podcast is definitely the millennia’s take on pirate radio.

Here’s the link to our talk, and here’s a little Christian Slater for everyone who didn’t get to see Pump Up the Volume the first time around:

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Two of Wands and the Unseen Worlds


Here is my latest column from

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Mirabai Bush: On Being


Krista Tippett’s radio show, On Being, consistently showcases scientists, artists, writers, and the brightest, creative minds to discuss the question, “what does it mean to be human, and how do we want to live?” This past week’s show with Mirabai Bush shows the importance of framing the spiritual search in terminology that is relevant for a younger generation.

Read the article here

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The Sunday Routine of Koshin Paley Ellison, Monk and Zen Teacher


In 2007, Koshin Paley Ellison and Robert Chodo Campbell founded the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care, a nonprofit in Chelsea that offers meditation training and study programs for medical professionals and caregivers. Since then, they and their students have worked with over 80,000 people. Dr. Paley Ellison, co-editor of the new book “Awake at the Bedside: Contemplative Teachings on Palliative and End-of-Life Care,” lives on the Upper West Side with Mr. Campbell, who is also his husband, and two Maine coon cats.

Read the article here

Thank you, (TPM)

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Department of Education Butchers Tweets About W.E.B. Du Bois… via @selectall Sad! But hysterical!

From Brooklyn Yoga Club's Twitter



  • From todays New York Times satya In the Mahabharata ishellip
    From today's New York Times...  #satya  In the Mahabharata is says: tell the truth. Tell the truth in a sweet way. Don't tell the truth in a way that causes pain. Happy Moon Day! Read more & #8250 ;
  • Im guest teaching at kulayogaproject in Soho this Friday fromhellip
    I'm guest teaching at  @kulayogaproject  in Soho this Friday from 2:15-4:15 and then again on March 17th as part of their residency program... a return to my old hood! Read more & #8250 ;
  • Ha! Exactly realdonaldtrump your gag order and pulling of fundinghellip
    Ha! Exactly  @realdonaldtrump  your gag order and pulling of funding from scientists is going to lead to the closing of your twitter account and cable news. Then you'll be in a real  #pickle  thanks  @ilonkav  for the photoRead more & #8250 ;
  • What a nice welcome sign from miamilifecenter timfeldmannyoga kinoyoga erinkellymorrishellip
    What a nice welcome sign from  @miamilifecenter   @timfeldmannyoga   @kinoyoga   @erinkellymorris  (serious chalk skillz) see you this weekend! Ganesh puja Friday night at 6:30pm all are welcome Read more & #8250 ;
  • Have you ever wondered what all those scientific studies onhellip
    Have you ever wondered what all those scientific studies on yoga really mean? What are the limits of science and what can it teach us about yoga? And what can the Yogis teach scientists about research? My colleague Marshall Hagins and I are extremely excited to bring together 7 top level scientists, who are all doing amazing research on cellular regeneration, the microbiome, longevity and consciousness, and one top level Yogi (Sharath) for a one day conference on May 30th in NYC to engage in presentations and dialogue on the most recent advances in yoga and meditation oriented research. It's…
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  • This was basically the lecture topic this weekend in Miamihellip
    This was basically the lecture topic this weekend in Miami. The body says one thing, our mind says another, the nervous gets stuck in between the two having to carry out the commands of the mind. The answer? Yoga, of course! Thank you to MLC and all of the awesome students who came from far and wide for this weekends workshop, I am very grateful!  #miamilifecenter   #nervoussystem   #nadis   #brooklynyogaclub   #nosleeptillbrooklynyogaclub  thanks  @moby   @unclerush  for the graphicRead more & #8250 ;
  • Thank you pabloguarderas for hanging this awesome painting today athellip
    Thank you  @pabloguarderas  for hanging this awesome painting today at  #brooklynyogaclub  it looks amazing. A small piece of the galaxy on our wall. Read more & #8250 ;
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