Brooklyn Yoga Club


The Brooklyn Yoga Club is a yoga school and collaborative workspace that aims to integrate the inward focus of yoga practice with the outward expression of the ways we live our lives.

It is a space where you can learn traditional yoga practices, along with finding room for community, collaboration, study, nourishment, and work.

Each floor of the townhouse that the Club is located in is dedicated to what we consider to be these essential aspects of our lives:

The Ground Floor is the yoga school, the foundation; where one can practice, breathe, meditate, and contemplate. It is where, through yoga practice, we learn how to pay attention to our body, breath, mind, and emotions, and to become sensitized to how we relate to the world.

The Club Floor holds the library, café, and an outdoor deck. It is a space for collaboration, debate, study, and connecting with community and friends. We serve homemade chai, elixirs and healthy, fun snacks in the cafe. We have some guitars, a chess board, and a turntable. Art books and philosophy books are on the tables and bookshelves, and pets are welcome to hang out in Eddie’s office.

The Kitchen Floor contains an outfitted kitchen for cooking classes, a co-located workspace, and a B&B room for visiting students and teachers. It is where we cook both food and ideas.

The Brooklyn Yoga Club: it’s where you take a pause, and take a breath.