Eddie’s Schedule



Eddie’s Hours: 6:30am-11am Monday thru Thursday
and Sunday led classes.

Eddie teaches the following classes except for when he is out of town for workshops (see below)

Sunday Led Classes

Monday thru Friday
First shift:
Doors open 5:45am
Opening Prayer 6:30am
First shift finishes 8:45am

Second shift:
Opening prayer 9am
Second shift finishes 11:30am

For the second shift, you are welcome to begin your practice before 9am, but there will not be a teacher in the room between 8:45 and 9am

January 11th-14th
Moscow, Russia
Dima Yoga

February 1-5
Stockholm, Sweden
Feb 1 Science + Yogi Evening
Feb 2-5 Workshop at Yoga Shala Stockholm

February 24th & 25th
Ritual and Puja Weekend Workshop
with Robert Moses and Eddie Stern

June 14-17
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Workshop at Delight Yoga

Aug 24-30
Quarna Sopra, Italy
Retreat at Mandali Retreat Center

Oct 5-7
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
InnerPeace Conference

Oct 15-28
Ashtanga Yoga Yatra, India
Oct 15-20: Retreat with Sharath in Rishikesh
Oct 21-28: Himalayan Yatra

Dec 1-5
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Calu Yoga