Podcast with J. Brown; Pump Up the Yoga?

I had the pleasure of speaking with J. Brown last month for his weekly podcast on yoga and related topics. J is a super nice guy. His podcast, if you haven’t heard it, is thoroughly enjoyable, largely because of his sincerity, honesty, and unfiltered approach to examining his life and the world of yoga. He’s easy to talk to you, and about as good as a human being that you’ll meet.

Every time I listen to J’s podcast I can’t help remembering Christian Slater in the 1990’s movie “Pump Up the Volume”; Slater’s character, Mark, a high school student, sits alone in his basement bedroom with his pirate radio set up, smoking a cigarette, broadcasting his outsider views on life, school, and what’s wrong with the world. Mark voices the frustration and distress that his fellow students feel, and causes a revolution of sorts – inspiring his listeners to speak up against injustice and malaise, and giving them freedom of expression, to break the chains of the bondage that school, parents and society has on the voices of the young.

Anyway, I think J wants to shake things up a little by giving a voice to people who interest him who give an alternative view to the impressions that the popular media, and thereby the popular yoga culture, is propagating. He’s not sitting in a basement smoking cigarettes, but the podcast is definitely the millennia’s take on pirate radio.

Here’s the link to our talk, and here’s a little Christian Slater for everyone who didn’t get to see Pump Up the Volume the first time around:

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